Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 11 - Mesa, AZ

Hey Friends and family,

So last P day was a little bit rough. We started out the day with our daily exercise which like nothing. You know how in today's world kids are supposed to get 60 minutes of exercise. In missionaries life you get maybe a good solid 15 mins. Those 15 mins are broken up like this. The 0-5 mins are mainly to wake up and get your body loose. 5-10 is starting to actually move around or play a sport. 10-15 is actually moving and competing to attempt to sweat. So far every exercise I've never broke a sweat. The district is okay for being competitive. There's only a few in the district that have ever played a sport in their life. The rest of the district is pretty much a group of nerds or from a different lifestyle. After exercise we do our daily studying for about 3 hours. Studying PMG and the Book of Mormon and lesson topics. We usually finish studying around 10:30. Next is probably the hardest, planning effectively for the week with food. We usually hit up good old Walmart. We get a grand total for each month $120. I usually spend around $35 for each week. My meals are super healthy. 5 gallons of water, 2 gallons of milk, Frosted mini wheats, hot pockets, pasta and last PB&J's. Also the water here is super gross compared to Utah. We usually finish P day off with laundry and emailing. My companion hates going to members to do laundry. He thinks it wastes time and his time to relax and chill at the apartment. So instead of saving money and laundry soap. We spend each Monday around $4.00 each person to do our laundry. The process is a pain. I wash my darks then he does. Then whites. So we usually do around 4-5 loads. We could save a few dollars and do two loads and combine the laundry. Nope can't do that because he doesn't like sorting clothes! He thinks we should chill in the apartment and not do laundry at members homes. My companion is a bit different then the last one.  

Was probably the most longest and slowest day. We left around 10:15 right after studies to contact less actives. We started for the first house. Every single door and neighbor till lunch at 12 wasn't around or wanting to come to the door. So we headed back to the apartment to eat lunch and cool off. After lunch we did some 12 week/ training. We headed out again to do some finding less actives and random people we come into contact. An average day afternoon its around 95-109. So it's pretty hot and being on bikes is best. People look at us from there car windows. Most of the people either stare or laugh or smile. While biking around to find the less actives members usually honk as they drive by. We contact from 2 pm till around 4:45. We have dinner around 5 with ward members. We cover the Beverly and Mezona ward. We are always fed every single night. Usually on Sunday or days we don't have members signed up. We either eat with the bishops or food coordinators for each ward. That night we had a lesson with Frank and Andrea. The two of them aren't married but live together in the mothers home. So that lesson we ended up putting frank on date for baptism. He's got some big changes to make before his baptism. He has to either get married or move out. Stop smoking or drinking. He's been hard to meet with because he works at night and sleeps during the day. My companion said that house has changed so much since his first visit. He said homeless people and drug addicts lived with them. One of the visits he saw a lot of drugs on the counter and marijuana and meth everywhere. That all the excitement for Tuesday 

The busiest day of the week. We contacted less active in the morning. Around 1:00 we headed out to contact some recent converts. We stop by lady who was baptized last year. We just followed up with her and contacted and discussed how life was going for her. She didn't really have a lot of time. After we visited her we contact less actives. We do less actives contacting daily. The area is really highly dense in members. After we contacted we biked over to an apartment complex for a teaching or visit appointment. He's a less active. He's confined to a wheelchair. He's got some sort of diagnosis. We visited him and his 5 tiny dogs. We visit him to get him to come back to the ward each Sunday.  After dinner we headed to the Harris family. They are both members but not active or living the standards. He's smoking and it's causing his health to lack or turn bad. We visited them and shared a quick message about trials. When I first met the family. He's like how many black people do you know from Utah. I answered him around 6-7. He just laughed at my answer. I said I do live in a highly dense or populated Mormon and white state. We finished of the night at Frank and Andrea. Frank wasn't there because of work. So we met with Andrea. We read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon on the Tree of life. 

We tracked less actives all day. We had a lesson with an investigator. He's been taught all the lessons. We could't get a hold of him to meet with him because he broke all the bones in his right foot. We met with him to here about the crazy story. We decide to start the missionary discussions over because he hadn't met with us for over a month. So we decide to teach him the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We finished the lesson which was weird because he doesn't ask a lot of questions. We ended up extending the baptism invitation. He accepted and we explained what's going to happen when he meets with us. 

We tracked all day till we went to bed. Nothing good happened that day. All of our lessons fell through. We visited one member and talked with them for an hour. 

Was a crazy and good day at the same time. We had an investigator contact us for a visit. His name is Kent Spector. He's been blind his whole life. So we have to teach using no visuals or videos. We can only use audio. He's pretty good at navigating his house. I was a little weirded out when he first opened the door. We sat down on the couch and got to know him. We discussed what he wanted to get out of the missionary discussions. We set up a time to come back next we to start the lessons. After that visit we headed back to the apartment to eat lunch. We headed back out to find less actives. We found and visited and some are interested and some answer and shut the door in your face. On our way to dinner we came across a guy who was saying all these false doctrines and contradicting himself. My companion had never seen some do that. He got frustrated and I started laughing and smiling. We left and headed to dinner because that guy talked for ever. After dinner we had stake conference adult session. It was about missionary work. They focused on getting the members to find the investigators or people to teach for the missionaries. I forgot to mention this important part. I had 2 flat tires in under 2 hours. Can I just say tubed tires are the worst. The mission bikes should have solid rubber tires. 

Stake conference was during the morning. Our mission president and his wife spoke. They spoke on missionary work. What members should be doing to get the missionaries teaching. He had us stand up during the conference so every ward member could see us. It was a little random. I don't know why but Arizona stake conference is way better than a Utah. One of the stake presidents councilors spoke about Mesa was the promised land not Utah. I sat there and laughed at his comment. After stake conference we headed out to contact. I got another bad flat tire. I've had 3 flat tires this week. We contact every single day. The bishops of both ward want us to clean up the records so the attendance is at a higher percentage. 

Arizona Cardinals destroyed the 49ers
BYU lost to UCLA
Utah beat San Jose State 
Utah State beat Arkansas state. 
Arizona baseball team is really bad
ASU or Arizona is either good or bad. 

Love you all 
Elder Diamond