Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 10 - Mesa, AZ

Sunset in Mesa, AZ

Hey, Family and friends
This last week was a rough week. I was struggling and still am struggling. I decided before I call it quits on a mission I would seek some help from a therapist. He gave me a few questions to think about like biggest regret in 5 years. He also told me to seek and find spiritual rewards. So since I met with him on Friday I've been trying to be exactly obedient and striving to stay busy and develop that desire. He told if your not seeing any changes then start to modify the goals. He then told me some people will do exactly what he says and the body just can't handle all the stress. So I've been doing what he told me this week. Putting forth 100 percent every day one step at a time. He then told me if your not seeing that reward for this process. Some people just can't handle all the missionary work. He then told me its your decision whether or not to stay out or leave. If your putting forth that effort and obedience and nothing is changing for you then. I have to make that decision. 
So far the week has been good but my body doesn't like me one bit. I've been getting headaches and stomach cramps. It's super confusing for me at this moment. I sick of going through headaches and stomach cramps during the day. My headaches really have never stopped. I've been taking so much Advil to help with the headaches. It's not helping my headaches. I've been drinking around almost 40oz of water daily. I just don't get what's wrong with my body. 
Continuing on from last week. We pretty much tract on bike all day long. We come back at noon to eat lunch and dinner around 5 with members. We are normally on bikes from 10:30 till 8:45 at night. Also keep in mind the temperature is usually around 100-110. So far I haven't had to use sunscreen. I'm only getting dark during the day. To help by body maintain sweat and crazy helmet hair. I decided to cut my hair short. 
Mesa missionary work
The Mesa area for missionary work is pretty slow. The wards we are assigned to are Beverly and Mezona. The ward are tiny compared to Utah. We literally have 3 investigator we are teaching. The first one is Frank. He's in his 40-50. He lives with his girlfriends parents. We teach his girlfriend also but she's not progressing as fast. This last week we taught him the plan of salvation. He asked a lot of questions. We helped him understand what happens after this life. We then extend the invitation of baptism. Frank will be baptized on October the 15. He's got some big changes a head of him. He'll have to stop smoking. Either leave his girlfriend and move out or get married. The rules for baptism are crazy. Plus we then have to teach him the commandments. He ended up making it to sacrament meeting. Every Sunday we have go over to the house. We sit and wait for him and his girlfriend to get ready. It usually takes them and hour or more. They also have cats. On my mission I found out that I'm allergic to cats. My eyes and nose and throat go crazy. I literally hate cats. Most the people can't even take care of the cat liter. The Mesa area has mostly consisted of tracking and find out where the less actives live. 
Sunday's in Mesa 
So Sunday's is probably the longest day ever. We leave are apartment around 7:30am to head to the stake center for meeting. Then we have the first ward at 11:00. We sit through that whole sacrament meeting. After that meeting we then go to the next ward at 1pm. The last ward is the longest because we pretty have fast Sunday. We eat breakfast around 7am the stay at the church till 4 pm. By the time church is over we are starving. We always eat with members on Sunday and during the week except Monday's. 
This upcoming week
I'm continuing the tools the therapist gave me. If I still don't see a change by Wednesday then. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I've been setting goals I want to accomplish during the week and rewards. So far nothing is really changing since that meeting. The therapist told me something that stuck or hit me really hard. If you put forth that effort to change or improve and nothing has happened. I tried and got help but it just wasn't for me. I'll be deciding this week on what I should do if nothing is changing. I've been putting forth so much to change but nothing is happening for me. 
Watch the videos called Daily bread. 
Something cool I learned this week in the Bible and the Book of Mormon
Read Mathew 3:14-15 and 2 Nephi 31:5-9. 
These to chapter and verses are how the bible and Book of Mormon go hand and hand. 
Also we are allowed to go to a Baseball games on Monday for P day. The closest team is the Arizona Diamondbacks. Which I've heard that baseball team sucks. 

Elder Diamond 💎
Scottsdale Arizona Mission 🌵

Photo posted for Kenzii... A dog that a member rescued from the Shelter!