Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 8 - Payson

This week we got a text message from a lady that Hunter and his companion were helping their family with some yard work. It read as follows:

"Your boys are awesome! We had them put in a good days work... gave my boys someone to look up to for sure. Thanks so much for sharing them, they're great missionaries!"

And she sent us a couple of pictures... it was a nice surprise. We especially liked seeing Hunter wearing cowboy boots!

Hey Family and Friends,

This week went so fast. We had a busy week with our investigators. We have a total of 10 investigators. I give you some information about the investigators we are teaching. The first person is Taylor B. She's a freshman in Payson. She's meeting with us in the high school during her lunch. During the process of meeting with us, she did an assignment for school about the Mormon Religion. She asked us for help and she ended up getting 100% on the assignment. We met with her last week and put her on date for baptism. She's going to be baptized on October 8. We will continue to meet with her at the school to finish teaching her.
Our next investigator is Hunter R. He's 13 and has autism. He has a hard time understanding and staying focused. We have taught him all the lessons. When we teach him we teach super simple to his understanding.  We have the lessons at his grand parents house. The grandpa was the fire chief for Payson. He was over the Hell's Gate Fire Department in Star Valley, Az. He was the chief for 30 years. Anyways during our last lesson we invited Hunter to be baptized. He is super excited to be baptized and is also scheduled for October 8. His Birthday is the week before the baptism.

Another person we are teaching is Andy. She's a girl who lives in the battered women’s shelter. She's ready for baptism. We have a lesson this week to invite her to be baptized. Next investigator is Tom B. He's a very quiet investigator. We teach his wife to basically teach him. We are trying to do service to talk about the gospel with him.

Next investigator is Kat. She has 2 kids. We taught her last time the plan of salvation. We had an old flip chart of the plan of salvation. It really helped her understand with visual pictures. We extended the invitation for baptism to her. She wasn't quite ready for baptism because she had to forgive someone from the past. She said she's ready for baptism because it's what she needs in her life.

Next investigator is Fronia P. She's in her 70's. She loves Jesus and God. She's been taught all the lessons. We invited her to be baptized on this month. This last Monday we got a phone call from her. She called to tell us she doesn't want to meet with us. So this week, we are going by to resolve concerns. She's been talking with her friend that's a pastor.

Next investigator is Nicole R. She has a lot of hate toward her son. Her son took most of her money and house items. She used to be apart of a religion but she quit going to her church. So we started out as service to help her move. We started sharing short messages to get her interested. We are meeting with her this week to invite her to be baptized.

This week has been great. I've had headaches really bad. I am going on 2 days with a headache. I've been taking Advil and other medicine. I've been drinking 3-4 water bottles a day. The water bottle holds 25oz. I wait and see if it changes this week. If it doesn't change then I'll contact Sister Robinson.
This week I've really wanted to watch the Olympics. This week college football starts and that's the only thing I have really wanted to watch. Just the other day we went to a member’s house and the NFL was on. It was Cincinnati Bengals. I wanted to watch because of the Utah State player.

I'll see ya next P day.
Love Elder Diamond
Scottsdale Mission