Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 7 - Payson, AZ


It's been a good week. I've gotten over the whole homesickness thing! So here's a little bit of the last 2 weeks. 

So last weekend me and my companion planned a huge Luau. We had to plan the food, drinks, desert, salad and fruit. We created a sign-up sheet for people to bring desert and salads. The ward provided the meat, kind of, but not really. Our ward mission leader Dr. Vandruff bought 150 lbs of pork. So we decide to turn the ward party into a mission activity. So we made like 300 handouts. We would give the members 2 extra to give to non-members. Anyways we end up passing all 300 invites. The night before we had to season the pork. We cooked all the pork in a pit on Vandruff's huge yard. He's got like 9 acres or more. So the next day was crazy. We did daily studies till 11am. We left around 2pm to take out the meat for the luau. We had around 15 pork butts. We finished taking all the meat out of the pit. We then headed to the apartment to change in to church clothes. During the drive back I was calling all the people who signed up for salad and desert. I started calling members to help take tables and chairs. None of the members could help! 

So my companion and I had to take 150-200 chairs and 15 tables. During the process of taking the tables, my companion didn't put the last table all the way in the back of the truck. He shut the tailgate and the table shot into the back of the window and shattered it. We couldn't do anything about the window, so we continued hauling all the tables and chairs to Bro. Vandruff's house. We started to help set up the luau and when we had finished setting up, we had around 150 people show up. Most of the people weren't members of our church. For the luau we had dancers from Samoa. The best part was a fire dancer from the Mesa area. He was really good and he didn't charge the ward for entertainment. We finished up the luau and started to clean up and we had a non-member named Taylor talk to us. She's 14 and a freshman in high school. She was interested in learning about our church. So we got her number to contact her. We then taught her at the high school in the conference room. She's super interested in the gospel and really likes soccer. She was asked in a class what was the best part of her week. She said it was meeting with the missionaries! We are meeting again this week with her at the school. Another person from the school is Chris. He's a junior and he's on the wrestling team for Payson high school. He's worried about what his friends will think when they see he meets with the missionaries. Payson high school is going to be baptized into our church before we leave. We are teaching in our district 6 people that go to Payson high school.

All the days seem really the same. The day that is probably the longest is Sunday. Oh and right now we are emailing at a members house that has a grand view.

That's really the only cool moments this week. It's starting to get colder at night. It gets around 65 degrees at night and 85+ in the daytime. It's been raining a lot because of monsoon season. The other day it rained around 2 inches in just over 3 hours. When it rains that much the streets flood. Most of Arizona has really bad drain systems. Well I'll talk to ya next Monday family and friends. I read all the emails during the week. Favorite scripture of this week: 3 Nephi 12:48

Elder Diamond

View from a members house in Payson