Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 5.5 - Payson, AZ

Our bedroom
Our Kitchen

Monday August 1st
It was a good Monday; we woke up and went to the turf field about 4 minutes from the apartment. We played soccer and tossed a football. By our apartment we have a high school, and just down the street from the high school is the turf field. We go there every morning for our daily exercise. It's only an hour for exercise.

The other Elders don't like to play basketball. So I just let them pick. After exercise we do personal study and companion study. We just study the gospel of Jesus Christ for 3 hours. Then we get the rest of the day off till dinner with the members. So, during our time off today we went to a member’s house (last name of Halls). Their older boys are the best roping duo in the Payson area. Most of the people in Payson are Cowboys (or shall I say rednecks). We spent the day up at their house in Star Valley. We did all our laundry and emailing. We sometimes watch church movies. The family even let us snack on anything they had, and they had a lot of food! They have a snack cabinet full of junk food and some healthy foods. We then went to do laundry and start a load. During that time waiting for laundry, we went down to the horses and field to rope a fake pig. I didn't get the hang of it at first, but I'm starting to get better. After a few hours roping we headed back up to the house and responded to more email and finished up laundry. We continued to snack while we were waiting. We then headed back to the apartment. We have to also clean our apartment, which is gross because the apartment is a dump. We finished cleaning and organizing the rooms and then we headed to the best store ever… Walmart! Well the best store in Payson anyway. We got our food for the week. We only get 120 dollars for food for the month. I usually buy some cheap food and some bulk foods. The other elders like to buy pointless foods like cookies and expensive cereals. My breakfast is usually eggs, yogurt or oatmeal. Once we finish shopping we head back and get ready for dinner in the apartment. Then we head out and street contact or teach lessons. We get home around 8- 8:30 and then plan for the next day.

Tuesday August 2nd
Woke up to exercise. Got back to the apartment. Ate breakfast and then started personal study for the day and companion study. After companion study we had to do some service for an older couple. We had to take down a aspen tree without power tools. We finished that project after about 3 hours. The members gave us lunch, which was broccoli, carrots and fish. We finished eating and left to head back to the apartment to shower and get ready for lessons. We had a lesson with an older lady named Fronia Peppers. She's in her early 70's and she loves God and Jesus. She's really easy to teach, she knows the gospel is true and the Book of Mormon. She has accepted the invitation to be baptized on August 27. We then went to another appointment to meet with a lady. She was meeting with us because she was worried about her surgery.  She had to have a stint put in her heart. So we followed up to see how her surgery went. After talking with her, we headed to these apartments in our area to contact people. We found one person to give a blessing to. She was a single mother with 2 kids starting school. She was stressed and asked us for a blessing. We finished the day with a blessing. We then went back to the church to report what happened in the day and lessons.

Wednesday August 3rd
Super slow day today. We went to the Indian reservation and we talked with a guy named Carlos Lopez. He teaches the bible on the reservation to 5 people. He shared his life story from Mexico to Arizona. It was really crazy to see what he has went through. That was really the only thing that happened today.

Thursday August 4th
Woke up this morning and today was really hard to wake up. We went to the field to exercise. After our 30 minutes of exercise, we headed back to the apartment to eat breakfast. We had service around 7:30 to chop a tree up for firewood. The tree we cut down was an Aspen tree. We finished our service and went home to plan for our day. We had 3 lessons today. First lesson was to a recent convert. We shared a video about the light of Christ. He grew up in St George as a kid and then moved to Arizona. Second lesson was with single lady. Her husband died when he was 45. She's a member but less active. So we basically just practiced teaching the lesson with her. We also did some service to clean up her driveway. The last lesson was with an older couple. They are parents to a four-year-old girl. Her mom died because from a drug overdose. The little girl is super cute and funny. We talked to them about their scripture study and shared a video about the Good Samaritan. That was pretty much the excitement of my Thursday in Payson.

Friday August 5th
Today was a good day. We planned for next week. We went on companion exchanges to street contact. It was a good experience to get out of my comfort zone. We have to talk to everyone we see or meet! We met 15 people in an hour of street contacting. People literally tell you no and shut the door. People will see you and really try and avoid you.  We finished the day with a lesson. We taught Kat. She has two kids and is a single mom. She's seeing the difference as she is taking lessons. She starting to feel peace and less stressed. Finished the day off with an Orange Julius from Dairy Queen.

Saturday August 6th
We went to the Mesa temple for baptisms for the dead. We took two girls for their first time. The two girls names are Alana and Danielle. Alana was baptized the day I got to Payson. She's a senior in high school. Danielle is a recent convert that was baptized before I got to Arizona. She's going to college at Arizona State University. It was probably the best experience since the start of my mission.  After the temple we went to Cafe Rio. It was delicious and it’s my favorite place to eat.

Sunday August 7th
This Sunday was Fast Sunday. It was a super long Sunday. Our ward starts at 9:00 AM. We had an investigator come to church today. She really enjoyed church. My companion and I went on splits. Splits are we go to church with a member. So I went to the Ponderosa ward and he went to Christopher Creek. We fasted for 25 hours. We got fed twice. Our first meal was rice, chicken and toppings. The second meal for the night was roast, potatoes, corn and salad.

This week has been a blast! We are preparing for a baptism on August 27. She is really spiritually prepared. I can't believe I've been out for a month already. It's going so fast. Also, this is my iPad journal. It's what happened throughout the week. See ya next P Day in a week family and friends.

Love Elder Diamond