Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 5 - Payson, AZ

Elder Edmonson and Elder Diamond


One of the storms rolling into Payson, AZ Some of the countryside near Payson

Hey Family and friends!

It's been a great week so far, I got here last Tuesday and attended a baptism. It's been great to see the area of Payson. It's a small town similar to Preston, Idaho. It's been really hot down in the valley like 112. Here in Payson it's around 90-100 degrees. So I am lucky to be in the mountains for my first area. The town is kind of poor. Lots and lots of trailer houses! Not very many paved roads. It has a lot of dirt roads. The last two days it has rained like 3 inches of water each day, which makes it cooler for walking and tracking. We mainly drive everywhere when the town gets rain. The roads have no drains for storm water. So basically rivers form on the dirt roads. That is usually the fun part of the day. 

Sunday was the first of many in the Ponderosa Ward. The church's here are pretty small. I had to pass the sacrament. The amount of people in the ward is probably like 40-60. That evening we taught a guy in the senior apartments. He has no faith or doesn't understand the idea of the plan of salvation. So that was probably the hardest lesson. Saturday night we stopped at a house to knock and share what our church is. That family turned out to be a mistake. The father was a pastor for a different church. He basically told us that Joseph Smith was of the devil. He than said we pray for you Mormon missionaries because you have been falsely led. Other than that craziness, it's been a fun week. We have a lady that is in her 70's that just set a date for baptism. So we are continuing to meet and teach her. Another area we cover is called Christopher Creek. It’s in the mountains with a lot of trees and grass. We met a guy and his wife their that are super friendly and are really ready for the gospel. Both are in there 50's. He's pretty much ripped and super huge. She always offers us food or water. 

I'm doing great. I'm enjoying the desert heat. 

Elder Diamond