Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week 2 - MTC

Hey, I know the time is flying by in the MTC. The food is good but it’s starting to repeat the same menu. I didn’t speak the first Sunday I was here. The subject was teaching with the spirit. In our residence we have an elder from Australia, which is insane; I can't imagine the flights to get to the MTC from there. I've run into some school kids from home that’s really it. P-day is basically laundry, email and exercise (if you want to). So on exercise day we go to the field across the street from the MTC and play soccer or Frisbee. The basketball gym has been closed because of floor remodeling. Ashley, how was New York? I can’t wait to hear about the house in California and the trip to Hawaii!

I leave for Scottsdale on Monday, July 25. The MTC is going great, lots of information to take in. The temple was closed last week for cleaning, so we didn’t get to go. We are going to leave today at 12:30 to go to the Provo temple. 

I need snack foods like beef jerky, candy, pretzels, cookies, drinks or surprises!


Elder Diamond