Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"The Awful, Wonderful, Tearful & Joyous Day"

July 6, 2016

This morning we sat down as a family and had breakfast then we had a family prayer and headed for the MTC.  It was a rough morning! A lot of tears (the good kind).  Besides a lot of love Andrew gave Hunter a lot of good advice for his mission.

No words needed... Hunter and his brother Andrew before we left to the MTC

July 5, 2016

Well, the time is up, the bell has rang and Hunter is on his way! It's been a hard week and a great week. Last night we had a great meeting with our Stake President and Hunter. After the meeting, Pres. Barfuss followed us back to our house and set Hunter apart as a full-time missionary. He gave Hunter the most amazing blessing that I've ever heard! After he was done, many of the neighbors and their kids came over to tell Hunter good-bye.  Here's a few pics... Sorry but we forgot to take pictures of some of you that dropped by. We still love you though, Luke, Jacob, etc.

Hunter with Brenchly & Ballstaedtt Kids
Hunter & Jaxon

The Brenchly Kids also wrote Hunter letters.  He showed me the picture that Asa drew for him (see below) and that was all he could look at.  In case you don't understand it, that tall stick guy is Hunter and the little guy is Asa (Asa is the little boy in the red shirt in the first picture). This picture made Hunter cry. In case you don't know or remember, Asa is the little neighbor boy that asked Hunter to go on a family vacation with him. Hunter will really miss these neighbors... he loves all of them, especially all of the kids! He couldn't open the other letters last night and asked us to send them to him when he gets his emotions a little more settled.